Demo Onboarding

360 Storytelling Experience

The Innovation Team is excited to share our 360 Storytelling Experience with the Getty Images family. We've been exploring ways to enhance our ever growing supply of 360 images to create an immersive 360 experience.
Read through the tips and jump on in!

You must be within the Getty Images network (getty-wireless) to view the experience.
This is confidential and cannot be shown or distributed to non-employees.

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After you've explored the prototype, please take a moment to let us know what you thought in our feedback form. 

Tips & Tricks:

  • Navigating: Remember that you’re in a 360 image. You can move around in all directions  by moving your phone or dragging the image with your finger or mouse.

  • Cursor: In the middle of your screen you’ll see a blue circle. This is your cursor. In order to activate a point or portal, just hover over it.

  • Portals: To transport from one scene to another, hover over a circular orb for 3 seconds.

  • Points of Interest: There are a number of Points of Interests for you to explore. Hover your cursor over the blue dots to uncover.

  • Home: If you get lost, look down. This will help you find your way back.


Viewing in a cardboard:

  1. Open the link

  2. Horizontally orient phone

  3. Click goggle icon in bottom right corner

  4. Place phone into cardboard or daydream

  5. To exit turn your phone vertically and close out the experience